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2 NEED ADVICE? CALL 02 6260 2847 To put it simply, we live drums. We’re a passionate and experienced business, bringing the world of drumming and percussion to the community. Our education catalogue is a little different. We don’t bombard you with every possible product under the sun. Instead, we hand select from well-known and bespoke brands, and give you a range of percussion products that work best for different levels of learning and performance. This ensures we deliver quality instruments at great prices. CONTACT We want to hear from you! For any advice or enquiries, phone us on 02 6260 2847 or email us at SHIPPING & QUOTATIONS An easy way to get a quote on your order is to fill your basket on our online store, save it, and then give us a call. All education insitiutions are eligble for a GW discount! Shipping is included in your quote. WARRANTY All of our products have a 12 month warranty for manufacturing defects. If your instrument breaks during sensible use due to a manufacturing fail, we will replace or repair it for you. PRICES The prices in this catalogue are subject to change due to currency rates and supply chain. For the most up to date pricing, visit our website. Since arriving in Australia some 30 years ago, Gary France has had an enormous impact on the Australian percussion community. One of Gary’s trademarks as an educator lies in his willingness to share from his deep pool of knowledge in the fields of jazz, classical and world music (as a world music performer, his own personal research has led him to India, Africa, Brazil, Cuba and South East Asia). His students have gone onto become the next generation of Australia’s top percussive arts experts, with many of them teaching in highly-respected tertiary institutions throughout the world. The Groove Warehouse, Gary’s brain child, combines music education and performance with entrepreneurial excellence. The Catalogue will take you on a journey as you explore outstanding percussion instruments sourced from around the globe. A bit about Gary France ABN 62 169 644 473 © All rights reserved France Music Productions Pty. Ltd. Look out for this YouTube icon throughout our catalogue for helpful educational videos! EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS! DOWNLOAD OUR DIGITAL CATALOGUE ON OUR WEBSITE!