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August 2017


Fracture alliance targets care gap

The brittle bones of 50-plus aged Australians are expected to cost

$3.1 billion in 2017, with the total cost over 10 years climbing to

$21.9 billion by 2022, according to Osteoporosis Australia reports

analysing the cost and burden of poor bone health for all states

and territories. The release of the Osteoporosis Burden of Disease

report coincides with the founding of the independent SOS

Fracture Alliance, a group of 30 medical, allied health, patient

and consumer organisations focusing on the prevention

of osteoporotic fractures.

Within the Osteoporosis Australia findings, in NSW and ACT alone,

those over 50 years are expected to cost $1.1 billion this year,

while the total cost over 10 years will reach $7.5 billion by 2022.

Osteoporosis Australia Medical Director, Professor Peter Ebeling

AO, points to a significant gap in osteoporosis care where ‘four-

out-of-five Australians treated for an osteoporotic fracture are not

tested for osteoporosis, and therefore, are not offered treatment

for osteoporosis’.

As such, the SOS Fracture Alliance is seeking to increase

national recognition of first fractures in people with undiagnosed

osteoporosis, to make their first break their last. For more

information, visit



Help others to Choose Physio

As part of our Choose Physio campaign, launching in August,

we’ve included a poster and sticker with this month’s



Use them in your workplaces and communities to educate

consumers about the benefits of physiotherapy.

So play your part as we embark on a national campaign by

spreading the message about the value of physiotherapy.

Look out for our e-communications for more information on

how you can get involved.


Continuing their support

of your business and

physiotherapy within Australia,

Elastoplast Sport and Leuko

Sport are offering some great

prizes as part of their trade


The major prize is two tickets to the APA National

Conference in Sydney (October 19–21) plus airfares and

accommodation. The secondary prize is a Polar sports

watch (five on offer) while there is a free pair of Elastoplast

scissors for the first 100 entries.

To enter, you need to purchase $200 of Elastoplast or Leuko

sports medicine product, retain your receipt and original

barcodes and head to

to register.

But you need to hurry—the promotion ends 4 August.

Five questions for GPs

Choosing Wisely Australia has

released a video campaign

with two key messages—

‘times have changed’ and

‘it’s okay to ask questions

of health professionals’—as

part of its resources aimed at

empowering patients to seek

clarification from GPs about

the tests and treatment options

they’re being offered.

The Choosing Wisely

initiative, launched by NPS

MedicineWise two years

ago, seeks to help eliminate

unnecessary or inappropriate

healthcare, where evidence

shows there is no benefit or

there is a risk of harm. The

new videos, available on social

media channels, is supported

by a set of five recommended

questions for patients to

their doctors, also available

in 10 community languages





10/07/2017 10:25 am

A Physio

Your GP’s most recommended

health professional