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In order to practise as a physiotherapist in

Australia, you are required by the national

law to be registered with the Physiotherapy

Board of Australia (the Board). The

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation

Agency (AHPRA) supports the Board to help

you register quickly and easily.

As a regulator, the Board sets minimum

requirements through its standards, codes,

guidelines and policies for physiotherapy

practice, maintains an online registerof

practitioners and holds to account

physiotherapists who fail to meet its


The Health Practitioner National Law, as in

force in each state and territory, requires

the Board to ensure, among other things,

that practising physiotherapists have the

appropriate level of recent practice to be

able to provide care to patients. Meeting

your recency of practice obligations means

Why recency of practice matters


The Physiotherapy Board of Australia explains why demonstrating recent practice is important.

you are able to practise competently and

safely, while protecting patients and making

sure they receive high-quality care.

The minimum requirements for recent

practice are made clear in the Board’s

recency of practice registration standard,

which has been updated in the last year

and took effect from 1 December 2016.

This standard applies to all registered

physiotherapists except those with non-

practising registration. You will need to meet

the obligations of the revised standard by

the time you renew your registration in 2017.

What’s changed? The key change to the

Board’s recency of practice requirements is

that a

minimum hours of practice

has been


What is recent practice?

To meet the standard, you must practise for

a minimum total of 450 hours in the previous

three years (approximately three months

full time), or 150 hours in the previous 12

months (approximately one month full-time).

Most practitioners who are currently

practising will meet the revised standard.

However, this change may affect those

physiotherapists who are currently

practising infrequently, or who have had

a recent absence from practice, or are

currently taking a break from practice

and wish to return to practice.

You are encouraged to review the new

registration standard to check whether you

will be affected by the changes.

If you cannot meet the minimum hours of

practice in the revised standard, this will not

necessarily prevent you from returning to

practice as a physiotherapist.

The standard sets out the options for

physiotherapists who don’t meet the

Examples to help you understand recency of practice.