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To create your own dream world you need

more than just a divine mattress. It is

about all the elements of your bed working

together to deliver that magical feeling the

moment you slip under the sheets at night.

SleepMaker’s range of beds is designed

to work together in total unison to give you

optimal support and the ultimate comfort

you need to get a good night’s sleep. With

products manufactured in Australia and

New Zealand designed to meet stringent

quality standards, and with a reputation

built on comfort for over 100 years, it is no

wonder that SleepMaker is the preferred

mattress brand for many Australians.

SleepMaker has had a long association

with the APA that incorporates links with our

original product design and research into

the quality of sleep. Given the Association’s

responsibility to its members and the public,

we take the endorsement of products

seriously. The endorsement process

is based on SleepMaker continuing to

research and develop bedding that delivers

the best support and comfort possible. You

can be assured that products endorsed by

the APA have gone through the necessary

process to provide this endorsement.

APA-endorsed SleepMaker products are

only available at Bedshed outlets.

For more information, visit sleepmaker.


Source: SleepMaker

Below, three APA-endorsed product partners outline their consumer offerings.

Product partners

A hip fracture or broken hip is one of the

most catastrophic, life-changing and

life-threatening health hazards facing the

elderly. That’s why, over 15 years ago in the

USA, Ed Goodwin, inventor of HipSaver,

decided to design and engineer a hip

protector which was effective, comfortable,

affordable and easy to use. At that time,

the only hip protection being developed

positioned a hard shell over the hip bone.

The discomfort of hard shells resulted in low

compliance rates and slow adoption of hip

protectors in general.

Today, falls prevention and risk

management teams, doctors,

physiotherapists, nurses, clinical managers

and other healthcare professionals are

recommending and using HipSaver hip

protectors in over 5000 nursing homes, as

well as hospitals and seniors communities,

but also in the wider community worldwide.

In Australia, HipSaver hip protectors are

endorsed by the APA. Products endorsed by

the Association are put through a robust and

rigorous process of assessment and peer

review before being endorsed. The fact that

the APA has endorsed HipSaver means that

you can rest assured that you are buying

a safe, effective, professionally-credible,

high-quality product.

For more information, contact 1300 767

888 or visit


Source: HipSaver

Since 2005, more than 4 100 000 Hotteeze

products have been sold in Australia.

Endorsed by the APA since 2012, Hotteeze

heat pads are used by physiotherapists to

help treat patients during, and after, clinic visits.

Hotteeze products are perfect for soothing

your patients’ sore shoulders, necks and

backs, easing monthly cramps or anytime

one feels the cold. Unlike a wheat bag

or hot water bottle, Hotteeze are light,

odourless, don’t need a microwave to

activate, and last all day.

Hotteeze heat pads provide stable moist

heat over 12 hours, sticking to clothes

discreetly. Upon opening, the pads begin to

work within minutes after exposure to air.

Made in Japan to strict quality standards,

the Hotteeze product range has been used

in hospitals throughout Australia since 2005,

giving comfort to all ages. Physiotherapists

can be assured when they are using

Hotteeze products to treat their clients that

they are using a high-quality product.

Hotteeze products come in a range of

different forms, including heat pads,

warm toes, Hotteeze for feet, heat patches,

knee warmers, shoulder wraps, and more.

For more information, visit hotteeze.


Source: Hotteeze