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June 2016



Trust Australia (HESTA) ABN 64 971 749 321. Investments may go up or down. Past performance is not a reliable

indicator of future performance. Product ratings are only one factor to be considered when making a decision.


for more information. Before making a decision about HESTA products you should read the

relevant Product Disclosure Statement (call 1800 813 327 or visit

for a copy), and consider any

relevant risks ( )

More people in health and

community services choose

HESTA for their super





Supports your industry


Low fees


A history of strong returns

More care for

your patients.

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers have a long and proud

history of working with the APA and their members

to ensure patients have access to legal services that

can assist their recovery.

The law firmworks with physiotherapists across

the country to:

• run educational workshop training programs to

ensure members understand their legal rights

and entitlements

• provide members with resources to support any

legal need that may arise

• achieve a better commercial outcome when

treating compensable patients.

Find out howMaurice Blackburn Lawyers can help

you by contacting the APA for a referral, or call

Maurice Blackburn direct on 1800 810 812.


Blackburn is

the preferred

legal provider

for the APA