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Rise Health Group’s approach to exercise rehabilitation is

impressive to say the least. Based in Rowville, Melbourne,

Stuart Canavan’s practice, established in 2000, boasts an

extensive multidisciplinary team comprising physiotherapists,

exercise physiologists, exercise scientists, dieticians, podiatrists,

myotherapists and a sports medicine physician.

‘I view exercise as the future of our profession and the future

of medicine in many respects. We are going to have to be

collaborative in our approach, moving forward with other evidence-

based professions, particularly with the exercise science community

and the exercise physiology community,’ Stuart says. ‘At Rise,

we’ve tried to take a very strong strategic step into that exercise

space to make exercise a key feature of what we’re about.’

As well as catering to the general public, over the past six years,

Rise Health Group has practised in partnership with the Rowville

Sports Academy, at Rowville Secondary College, to provide

complete physiotherapy and exercise science services to about 700

student athletes. The fitness, training and high-performance facility

is located a short drive from the practice headquarters.

‘This has allowed us to significantly develop the scope of our

exercise services. We now have a physical space that allows us

to deliver a complete spectrum of exercise services; everything

from exercise associated with injury management all the way to

high-performance programs for elite athletes,’ Stuart says. ‘It’s

quite a significant point of difference for us…we have considerable

experience in the area of long-term junior athlete development

and advanced rehabilitation protocols, particularly in the ACL

space where we are incorporating high-performance testing and

programming into rehabilitation design.’

The practice’s holistic approach to patient care stems from

Stuart’s professional experience abroad about 20 years ago—

aged 23, he was tasked with establishing a practice in Kentucky,

United States. During this time, Stuart witnessed his American

counterparts’ heavy emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach to

exercise rehabilitation.

‘Exercise is medicine’ is an ethos few practices embrace more than Rise Health Group.


speaks with


Stuart Canavan

, APAM, about a business incorporating a multitude of exercise professionals under one roof.

‘At that time, Australia was very much focused on manual therapy,

and US-based clinicians were forging ahead with respect to

functional exercise and advanced exercise programs,’ he says.

‘It gave us insight into where our profession was going.’

Once back in Australia, Stuart established a community-

focused physiotherapy practice to provide a patient-centred,

multidisciplinary and strong exercise-focused offering to his clients.

Rising above

Students exercise at Rowville’s high-performance facility.