InMotion October 2018

H E A L T H C A R E W H I T E L E Y AllCare Super Stretcher Rigid stretching strap to assist with stretching exercises. SEARCH WEBSITE FOR: ACSUPSTRXL Wobble Board • Moves in any plane for the most challenging training and rehabilitation exercises • Used to develop balance & strength • Feature a non-slip soft surface • Metal dome SEARCH WEBSITE FOR: ACWOBRD Rocker Board • The rocker board moves in one single plane in a smooth rocking motion • Used to develop balance and strength • Feature a non-slip soft surface • 47cm x 47cm Dimension SEARCH WEBSITE FOR: ACROCKBOARD Economy Wobble Board Wooden wobble board with dark blue surface. SEARCH WEBSITE FOR: ACWOBBU Decline Board A great tool in rehabilitation and exercise programs to help strengthen knee extensors. Dimensions: 42cm (L) x 50cm (W) x 20cm (H). SEARCH WEBSITE FOR: ACDECLBOARD Balance Board • The 2 in 1 balance board offers you two levels of difficulty • Use this balance board for proprioceptive & rehabilitation exercises to improve balance & coordination for the whole body • Height adjustable SEARCH WEBSITE FOR: ACBALBOARD Each $39 .50 Each $37 .00 Each $64 .00 Each $28 .10 Each $35 .00 ORTHOTICS SHOP Your one stop Phone: 1300 303 755 www.wh i t e l e y hea l t h c a r e . c om. a u Each From $12 .15 Prices quoted exclude GST & delivery fees. Prices subject to change without notice.