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those at greatest risk early in their hospital stay, target appropriate

therapies, improve resource allocation, better inform patients and

their relatives about the likely long term outcomes that they will

continue to experience after leaving hospital and ensure survivors

achieve appropriate care with the best possible functional recovery

in future.

Australia and the US have led the research in the area of early

rehabilitation during critical illness, but the studies to date have

been underpowered to test patient-centred outcomes in a Phase III

RCT. This is a unique opportunity to conduct a definitive Phase III

trial to strengthen the available evidence, feasible in Australia, with

physiotherapists trained and available to treat patients in ICU. If

this study demonstrates that early activity and mobilisation results

in improved patient outcomes, this will be translated into a change

in clinical practice in Australia and New Zealand and may result

in increased funding to physiotherapists for the provision of early

rehabilitation in ICU.



Now including

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